Edna Maguire Elementary School, 80 Lomita, Mill Valley, CA, 415-389-7333

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Welcome Back to Edna Maguire!




Dear Families, 

Welcome back to this exciting 2014 - 2015 school year! We are happy to welcome all 608 students this year! I hope you had a fun summer and are ready for another great year here at Edna Maguire.

Please read all of the information in this letter as well as the information in the "First Day Packet" that your child will bring home. Your main source of information throughout the school year will be on our website, www.ednamaguire.org. Please refer to this website for all school information. For classroom specific information, you will receive news from your child's teacher. I am using a blog format this year that will also have a link through our school's website www.theprincipaldiary.blogspot.com 

Twitter: LisaZimmer1 

For time sensitive news, I also have the capability of emailing the entire school, specific grade levels or individual classrooms. I will try to consolidate information so that you are not inundated with emails. 


8:00-8:30 a.m - Free supervision on the playground for early drop-off option.

We continue to have a CAR LINE drop off and pick-up system in our parking lot. While the CAR LINE will be coordinated and serviced by parent volunteers, the success of CAR LINE really depends on you. We need all drivers to follow the rules of CAR LINE and all parents to volunteer for a CAR LINE shift. Each class has certain times during the year in which families are requested to sign up through Signup Genius, which is emailed directly to the class. We ask that you consider volunteering even if you don't use CAR LINE. 

In the First Day Packet, you will receive your CAR LINE Placard. This needs to have your family name written on it and placed in a visible location on your dashboard so that CAR LINE volunteers can get your child to your car safely at the end of the day. 

CAR LINE Procedures/Schedule

Birthday Food/Treat Policy 

Due to the number of food allergies and the California state nutritional guidelines, we are going to limit birthday treats brought in for distribution to FRUIT ONLY, should you and your child decide that a birthday treat is desirable. This can include something as simple as a bag of apples, blueberries, grapes, strawberries or fruit kabobs. (You can be as creative as you like with fruit!) . It is our continued plan to celebrate each child's birthday with special recognition in each of their classrooms. Along with or instead of a fruit treat, students can buy a birthday book through the library or donate a book of their choice to their classroom. Some children are also fine without a treat and are simply happy with the birthday celebration they will have with their friends and family outside of school. 

Please do not bring in cookies, cupcakes, or baked goods for birthday treats! 

-Please do not put the teachers in a compromising position where they will be asked to enforce our policy!

We will continue to celebrate with healthy food and limited sweet treats at our classroom parties for Halloween, Winter Holiday, Valentine's Day and the End of the Year. The teachers refer to this as the 80/20 rule: 80% nutritious and 20% of a sweet treat. 


Edna Maguire continues to be a Peanut Alert school! All food brought in for distribution must be nut/peanut product free. Students are educated each year on what it means to have food/peanut allergies and how to be a good friend to someone who has these allergies. Signs are posted outside classrooms that have a student(s) with nut allergies. More information on Peanut/Peanut Product Allergies can be found in the First Day Packet and on our website. 

Campus Map

Lunch/Snack/Recess Schedule 

(All students need to bring a snack for the 10:10-10:25 a.m recess) 

Lunch can be ordered through Choice Lunch on our website. Information is also in the First Day Packet. 

Transitional Kindergarten - Determined by the teachers 

Kindergarten - Determined by the teachers 

1st and 2nd Grade - 11:25-12:10 

3rd Grade - 11:50-12:40 

4th and 5th Grade - 11:55-12:40 

Daily Attendance Schedule 

Transition Kindergarten - 8:50-12:50 (M-F) 

Kindergarten - August 27-September 19th - 8:30-11:50 

Kindergarten - September 22-June 18th - 8:30-1:30 (M-F) 

Grades 1-5 - 8:30-2:50 (M, T, Thurs., Fri.) 

Grade 1-5 - 8:30-1:45 (Early Release Wednesday Schedule) 

I have high expectations for student behavior on our campus. 

Our School Community Campaign - I AM EDNA MAGUIRE P.R.O.U.D! (Polite, Responsible, Outstanding, Understanding, Dependable) Everyone will be held accountable to these expectations! If you have specific questions about your child's behavior at school, you should first contact your child's teacher. If you still have questions or concerns, please contact me. 

Please Welcome Our New or Transferring Staff: 

Transitional Kindergarten: Anna Harris (From K) 

1st Grade Team Teachers: Tammy Harper and Julie Bremer 

2nd Grade: Jessica Steinau, Jennifer Foskett (From 1st grade) 

3rd Grade: Katie Seavey 

Reading and Math Support (RAMP): Gina Munoz 

School Counselor:Jenn Grouf joining Jason Mountsier 

P.E.: Will Mosley 

Occupational Therapist: Marla Kelly 

Please do not hesitate to email or call me if you need assistance or have questions with getting started at our school! lzimmer@mvschools.org or 389-7733. (Please note that I get many, many emails and I respond as promptly as I can but my first priority is the staff and student contact time.) 

All the best, 

Lisa Zimmer, Principal 

Mark Your Calendars: 

New Family Orientation Night , Monday August 25th - 6:30-7:30 (Multi-Purpose/Gym) 

First Day Coffee - Wednesday, August 27th after 8:30 drop-off in the covered lunch area 

Back to School Night - Wednesday, September 10(No Children in Attendance) 

5:30-6:15 - K-2 

6:30-7:00 - Principal Welcome/Teacher Introductions 

7:15-8:00 - Grades 3-5

Placement Letters

Kindergarten Placement Letters have been sent out to all families. The Kindergarten Welcome Social/Family Picnic is Thursday, Aug. 21st from 5:30 - 6:30 at Edna Maguire

Grades 1-5 Class Placement Letters are being mailed out on Friday, August 22nd

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Save the Date: Back-to-School Collating Party August 26

We'll be throwing our annual back-to-school collating party in the Edna multi-purpose room, and you're invited! Please stop by to help assemble back-to-school packets.

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Upcoming Edna Events:
August 25 - New Family Orientation
August 26 - Back to School Collating Party
August 27 - First Day of School
August 27 - First Day Coffee
Sept 1 - Labor Day/No School
Sept 10 - Back to School Night
Sept 15-17 - School Picture Days
Sept 18 - New Family Picnic (Hauke Park)
Sept 19 - Coffee Cart/Steeplechase Kickoff
Sept 19 - Family Movie Night

Campus Map:
Edna Maguire Campus Map

Daily Attendance Schedule:
8:00-8:30am - Free supervision on the playground for early drop-off option

Transition Kindergarten - 8:50-12:50 (M-F)
Aug 27-Sept 19 - 8:30-11:50
Sept 22-June 18 - 8:30-1:30(M-F)
Grades 1-5
8:30-2:50 (M,T,Th,F)
Grades 1-5
8:30-1:45(Early Release/Wed Schedule)

Bell Schedule:
Grades 1-5 only
8:00-10:10am - 1st period

10:10-10:25 - Recess(1st-5th)

10:25-11:25 - 2nd Period(1st/2nd)
10:25-11:55 - 2nd Period(3rd)
10:25-11:55 - 2nd Period(4th/5th)

11:25-12:10 - Lunch(1st/2nd)
11:50-12:40 - Lunch(3rd)
11:55-12:40 - Lunch(4th/5th)

12:10-1:40 - 3rd Period(1st/2nd)
12:40-1:40 - 3rd Period(3rd)
12:40-1:40 - 3rd Period(4th/5th)

1:40-1:50 - Recess(1st-3rd)
1:40-1:50 - Recess(4th/5th)

1:50-2:50 - 4th Period

1:45 - Wed and Minimum Days Dismissal(1st-5th)

Lunch/Snack Schedule:
All students need to bring a snack for the 10:10-10:25am recess

Lunch can be ordered through Choice Lunch.
Transition Kindergarten
Determined by teachers
Determined by teachers
Grades 1-2
Grade 3
Grades 4-5

Vision Statement


Questions or comments? E-mail webmaster@ednamaguire.org.